Average Garden Chainsaw - An interview with Sean Hughes

He's a comedian, gameshow panelist, author, and he's Irish. But how well do we really know Sean Hughes? 

How did the Australian tour go? Were you well received? 

I love playing there, and my kind of people tend to come out of the darkness to watch me. 

Did it provide you with any good road stories? 

See Esquire, September issue. 

Who impresses you the most out of the current crop of new stand-up comedians? 

Ian Cognito, Adam Bloom and Johnny Vegas. 

In the manner of a manager conducting a job interview (you could imagine I'm puffing on a cigar), I ask you "Where do you see yourself in, say, 10 years time?" 

More acting and writing or buried in the ground. 

What kind of music are you into? 

Music where the lyrics and tune fuse as one. 

You've had a fair few big names on Never Mind The Buzzcocks. When meeting these rock stars in the flesh, who's been genuinely down to earth and who's been a git? Have you got to meet any of your own heroes? 

They're all very nice. On my G.L.R. radio show I get to meet more rockers who are up my street. 

Do you have any advice for budding stand-up comedians? 

Tell the truth. 

"Sean's Show" was a classic piece of late night TV, one that probably only a small number of people stayed awake long enough to see. Do you have any of your own late night favourites? 

Yes, the Larry Sanders Show. 

What's the main inspiration for your stand-up comedy material? 

A fucked up brain. 

Has Never Mind The Buzzcocks provided you with any good backstage stories when celebrities meet - with hilarious consequences? 


I haven't read your book. Sell it to me. 

That will be £12.99, Sir. 

I have adapted the phrase "I like Jesus and scooters" from your Blur Discover Religion routine into a surreal local catchphrase with which to annoy my friends. How does this make you feel? 

Very good. I'm into secret languages and sects. 

Will you be going to Glastonbury? 

Too muddy. 

What was the last great gig you went to? 

David Gedge live on my radio show. 

What are your immediate plans for the future? Do you have any long-term ambitions left to fulfil? 

Second novel. 

As I'm bound to remember something later that I meant to ask, can you give me a random response that I can construct a question for, so as to give the impression that I am capable of conducting a clever and insightful interview? 

Sundays, because the audiences are more reflective. 

Finally, let's pretend that you've seen Average Garden Chainsaw. Can you give us an endorsement that we can quote you on? 

They are what they is. 

Nice one, cheers. Thanks a lot for talking to us. 


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