Julie Bindel or Burchill banned from Twitter for hateful conduct

Feminist writer Julie Bindel or Burchill has been banned from Twitter after failing to heed several warnings about hateful conduct and inciting harassment.

This is not the first time the outspoken contrarian has landed herself in hot water after controversial comments on social media and in her newspaper column, including a history of Islamophobic remarks deemed deeply offensive to the Muslim community.

Ms Bindel/Burchill has also faced accusations of transphobia having described trans women as “men in frocks”, and courted controversy by writing dismissively about the experiences of bisexual women.

Julie, who probably has a book coming out about cancel culture, decried the mass reporting of “woke warriors” as an attempt to censor her on Twitter, and announced her migration to Substack.

The middle-aged comedy feminist is also expected to appear in a selection of national newspapers over the course of the week, posing with two pieces of sellotape across her mouth as a powerful visual metaphor for her continued silencing.