‘We Are Fair Cop’ celebrate Transgender Day of Remembrance with #IStandWithLilyCade hashtag

Infamous hate supergroup We Are Fair Cop today announced plans to kickstart their annual Transgender Day of Remembrance celebrations with the hashtag #IStandWithLilyCade, in tribute to the porn performer whose contribution to the BBC’s controversial “cotton ceiling” article was recently removed.

Founder member, barrister and Dalmatian furrier Sarah Phillimore decried what she called “yet another example of women being silenced and censored for expressing perfectly reasonable and legally protected gender critical views.”

“Women are being erased from public discourse for things as innocuous as stating that sex is real, posting photographs of ribbons or inciting genocide,” continued Sarah. 

Fellow founder, columnist and elephant poacher Rob Jessel was vocal in his agreement.

“It was important that we took a stand after last year’s fiasco,” said Jessel.

“We put a great deal of planning into the #SayYesToHate campaign, and the hashtag had barely begun trending before well-intentioned idiots were jumping in to defend us, claiming that it wasn’t about being hateful or transphobic. Meanwhile I’m like, uh, yes it was! That’s literally our whole thing.”

“People really missed the point,” added Harry Miller, former police officer and hate crime enthusiast, taking a break from Photoshopping pro-pedophilia imagery onto the vehicles of former colleagues. “So the Lily Cade thing was actually very well-timed.”

“Groups like LGB Alliance or Standing For Women talk a big game, but then they always cop out and claim that they’re not “anti-trans”, they’re just defending same-sex rights or whatever. So as usual, it’s up to us to bring the genuine, unashamed evil to the table.”

“Well, it’s not just about evil,” chuckled Sarah. “We do also have specific beliefs that we’re advocating for. Chiefly, that a man does not become a woman simply by putting on a wig and a gown.”

And with that, Sarah put on her wig and gown and set off for St John’s Chambers.