New gender critical play ‘Joani’ pays tribute to a legendary feminist icon

History is littered with the untold stories of iconic feminist warriors who wouldn’t wheesht. For centuries, women who refused to bend the knee to the patriachy were burnt at the stake, and more recently, silenced from Twitter or hounded from their academic positions at Sussex University for the ‘crime’ of questioning trans ideology and believing that sex is real.

But there were some witches they couldn’t burn, although it is unclear whether this was due to flammability issues or simply that they’d run off. Either way, they gave birth to adult human females, who then gave birth to more adult human females, and now their granddaughters are here, and they’re ruddy well ticked off.

Alright, fine, they didn’t give birth to actual adults, and the witch-burnings were more than two generations ago. But you know what I mean, shut up.

Told from the perspective of Twitter exile, drunken liability and mercenary freelance hack Joani Walsh, the new play ‘Joani’ is a powerful and joyous tribute to the Kiwi Farms member’s gender critical activism as one of the biggest contributors to the normalisation of transphobic abuse in the UK, and a peddler of tawdry celebrity piffle, depending on which way the money’s flowing that week.

Tickets are available now, starting from just £50. (Venue is not wheelchair accessible.)