Julie Bindel loses Taskmaster final after failing visual metaphor round

Julie Bindel narrowly missed out on victory in the latest season of Taskmaster by scoring zero points in a prop-based visual metaphor task.

Reading aloud from the task handed to her by ringleader Alex Horne, Julie stated “Construct a visual metaphor for the phenomenon of being censored or silenced using only the following item. You have one hour,” before being directed to a desk containing just a single roll of sellotape.

Different objects had been presented to fellow contestants Jason Manford, Isy Suttie, Janey Godley and Robert Mueller, who all immediately set about creating elaborate sculptures and costumes while riffing comedically on the ridiculousness of the task.

Julie, however proceeded to stare blankly at the sellotape for most of the hour, occasionally prodding it with wary curiosity but ultimately failing to interact with the item in any way.

Upon asking “What am I supposed to do with this? What even is this?” Alex Horne simply replied, “All the information’s in the task, Julie.”

The remaining minutes then passed in awkward silence, until Alex gently announced that the time was up as a single tear rolled down Julie’s cheek.