I am a musician, writer and comedian from England, currently based in Melbourne, Australia.

The Womb's records are free to download on their own site, while my books, comedy albums and videos are freely available here.



24 albums by The Womb 
114 singles by The Womb including all b-sides 
10 compilation albums of remixes, archives and cover versions 
22 music videos plus the video album 'Where The Lemon Meets The Teign' 
The C90 EP 'Straight Outta Clacton' 

The novel 'This Party' 
The novella 'Let's Dance' 

5 stand-up comedy albums including the 24-hour album 'Comedy Is Dead' 
The video special 'Infinite Love' and bonus video 'Gay Marriage' 
All 21 episodes of the Situation Comedy Podcast 

Various short films, articles, interviews, short stories, artwork and assorted ephemera from over the years.