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The Differences Between Men And Women

1. Breaking Up
2. Breaking Down
3. Heartbreak Soundtracks
4. Sex On The Beach
5. Coming Of Age
6. Evil
7. Desperation
8. Thrust
9. Sleeping Together
10. Transcending Rejection
11. Gherkin (bonus track)
12. The Art Of Seduction (bonus track)
13. Seduce A Suicidegirl (bonus track)
14. Coitus Interruptus (bonus track)
15. The Death Of Margaret Thatcher (bonus track)

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Written and performed by Alan Driscoll. Recorded at Station 59, Melbourne during the 2013 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Executive producers: Wayan Keenan, Sam Cowan, Paul Brown, Rob Caruana and Jonathan Duffy. Thanks to Kieran Butler, Jan Ferguson and Claire Jeddou. Dedicated to Lauren Pikó.

© Situation Comedy Records 2013

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