the womb



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this party
let's dance

Infinite Love

1. Establishing My Edginess By Referencing Hitler
2. Stealing Food From The Mouths Of Stewart Lee's Children
3. Comedy Versus Sexual Trauma (Trigger Warning)
4. Thanatophobia
5. Systematic Desensitisation (Trigger Warning)
6. Frequently Asked Questions
8. Mythological Australian Wildlife

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Written and performed by Alan Driscoll. Recorded at Station 59, Melbourne on 6th October 2012. Recorded by Lucas Heil, Lauren Pikó, Paul Pikó and Claire Jeddou. Edited by Lucas Heil and Dylan Smith. Executive produced by Kieran Butler. Thanks to Lauren Pikó, Claire Jeddou, Kieran Butler, Lyndsey Davidson, Richard Abbotts, Paul Pikó, Jan Ferguson, Lucas Heil, Dylan Smith and Brendon Burns. Dedicated to the memory of Patrice O'Neal.

© Situation Comey Records 2013

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